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Cat Litter Tips & Advice

Expert advice about cat litter. From litter box training & behaviour to how to use it in the best ways.

ginger cat sniffing litter before eating it

Is Your Kitten or Cat Eating Litter? Here’s Why & How to Stop It

flushing cat litter down the toilet

Is Cat Litter Flushable? Is it Safe? And Should You Do it?

two kittens looking into litter box

How Much Cat Litter Should You Use in Your Cats Litter Box?

scooping cat litter

How Often Should You Clean, Scoop and Change Cat Litter?

helping a cat use it's tray in it's new location

How to Move Your Cat’s Litter Box Without Freaking Them Out

cat litter box under the window

Where (and Where NOT!) to Put Your Cat’s Litter Box

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We created to answer all your questions about cat litter. From finding the best litter for your cat to advice around your cat's litter box training and behaviour.

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